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     In 2006 Cliff Bradley formed his new company to sign new artists and bands and produce records. From indie rock to singer-songwriter adult contemporary, Bradley Entertainment crafts songs from the heart in a classic recording process revitalized by cutting-edge technologies. Using the best equipment and session players in Los Angeles, the entertainment capitol of the world, Bradley Entertainment stays at the forefront of the musical revolution ushered in by the digital age.


     CEO of the company, Cliff Bradley is a Record Producer, Engineer, and pianist with over 40 years Producing Music. From playing the keys to assembling bands, Cliff does it all in the studio and live on stage. Producing, songwriting, arranging, playing, programming, engineering, and more! Contact us now for more info.

     Cliff only works with the best studios in town, whether you’re looking for a high-end iconic spot like The Village Studio, or a rehearsal space like S.I.R. However, for smaller bands and vocalists, his home studio can get the job done. Nothing to scoff at, Cliff’s personal music space was designed and tuned by Jay Kaufman, famed owner at Ocean Way Studios in Santa Monica, California. Cliff’s studio is maintained with the highest caliber microphones, plugins, speaker monitors, and acoustic treatment currently available. Learn all about Cliff’s various studios and history here!

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