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Strength, fragility, faith, belief, will, integrity, rawness, passion, self-awareness … the truth about who Cat is as an artist is multilayered. Stemming from a sheer need to have her voice heard, she started singing around eight years old and never quit. Cat spent many years studying various genres of music, ranging from opera to jazz, with credited vocal coaches such as Seth Riggs, (master teacher for artists such as Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Prince ...) and was always inherently drawn towards a more soulful style. Cat learned to move her body in numerous ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance classes and was a natural performer. She additionally learned to compose after studying piano, and realizing that she preferred the freedom of creating her own songs. Cat feels most alive and engaged when she is in the role of performer- when she is open and sharing of herself, and exposing that level of vulnerability necessary to truly connect with those willing be a part of what she has to say.


Cat collaborated with producer and arranger Cliff Bradley on a powerful alternative rock four song demo. All songs herein written by Cat (lyrics/melodies/arrangements) and Rick Medina (music/arrangements) On A Hot Tin Roof Publishing, BMI C2008.

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